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Ex-gangster only realised he’d been stabbed when blood started pouring from neck

Former gangster-turned-rapper G Rilla has told of the first time he was stabbed in a fight – and how doctors thought he wouldn’t survive.

The Birmingham gangster has been shot multiple times, including in the stomach, but he says it was the first time he was stabbed that turned him into a “monster”.

In the Anything Goes with James English podcast, London-born G Rilla recounted how he spent his early years in Qatar after his dad moved there for work, living in a posh house and going to a private school, before his family, including two older brothers, ended up in a council house in Brum.

Despite being high achievers at school, the former gangster and his brother quickly fell into a life of crime and ended up in prison.

"I remember seeing my older cousins with jewellery, money, whatever it was, and I remember thinking to myself, 'That's what I want'," he recalled.

"You are trying to get these qualifications so you can build up to a stage to get that s***, but they've already got it so I want that. That's how my mind saw it at the time.

"From when I was about 13 or 14, my brothers were already doing what they were doing and I was seeing things. From about 14, I was on the road."

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After going into a life of crime, it wasn't long before things got violent for G Rilla.

Recalling the first time he was stabbed, he said: “We end up having this scrap. I went on to the bus and at the end of it I came off the bus, still walking on my feet. I’m feeling like I’m cool.

“It’s when I turned I realised there’s loads of blood coming from my neck.

“But I thought the blood was coming from my hand because I had on a set of gloves and I noticed there was a tear in the glove.

“So I thought I’d caught my hand on something, so I take the glove off and I see my hand’s bleeding, and I say to my brothers ‘I think it’s just my hand’.

“When I turned my neck, it’s like a movie the way the blood shot across the road – it reached metres. It was like a film. What you see the films, that s*** happens like that.”

His brothers helped stabilise him on the ground until medics arrived, and he was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

Eventually, he came around, saying: “I woke up in some dark-ass room, thinking ‘What the f***?’

“I come to find out that was like some room where basically people go when they think you are going to die.

“When this nurse comes over, she got scared when she saw me awake, like she didn’t expect me to wake up.”

G Rilla candidly explained how the experience helped shape his future and determine his life as a gangster.

He said: “I ain’t the victim. I always felt like if something happens to me, what you need to remember in this scenario is what happened to the other person.

“It’s that war mentality. Like, I’m not losing. It sounds f*****, but it’s the reality. That’s how you see everything.”

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