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Poor abandoned dog forced to be put down after cruel owners tie him to tree

A dying dog that was cruelly left by his owners tied to a tree has had to be put down.

The boxer-type dog was found by a member of the public showing clear signs of distress and of having been previously neglected.

Its spine and ribs were clearly visible through its skin and it was showing signs of having a neurological condition, Manchester Evening News reports.

Animal rescue charity the RSCPA believes his owners realised he needed urgent veterinary treatment but decided to abandon him in the park in Blackley, Greater Manchester, rather than face up to their responsibilities.

The charity is investigating the case and trying to find out who the heartless owners were, but the job is being made harder because the poor animal was not microchipped.

RSPCA inspector Jess Araujo: said: "Whoever had this dog had clearly neglected him as he was so thin with his spine and ribs visible.

"His head was moving up and down which suggests he may have had a neurological condition and was clearly in pain."

She added: "I suspect his owner realised he needed veterinary treatment but instead of taking care of him in his hour of need they tied him to a tree and discarded him like rubbish.

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"I would like to trace the person responsible who allowed this to happen and then coldly abandoned this poor frightened dog."

He was taken to a vet, who decided that the kindest outcome for the pooch would be to put him to sleep.

Anyone with information about who dumped the dog is asked to get in touch with the RSPCA.

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