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Inverness Is Closer Than You Think

Cowgirl Creamery’s Inverness is buttery, with a subtle tang. And it’s now available nationwide.

By Florence Fabricant

Tiny delicacies are often most worth treasuring. Cowgirl Creamery — an organic cheese company in Petaluma, Calif., in Sonoma County — has been making a lovely cheese called Inverness. Not only is the cheese itself a mini, a cylinder about the size of a cannele pastry and about two ounces, it’s made in limited quantities, the company’s smallest production. It’s now available nationally. A pale, textured rind encloses its creamy, slightly chalky interior, and its mildly buttery flavor has a tangy underpinning. Give it a couple of hours at room temperature for the texture to soften and the complexity to bloom. It’s named for an area near San Francisco, not far from the company’s tasting room in Point Reyes. Serve it with a breezy Sonoma Coast chardonnay.

Escape to Inverness, three cheeses plus flatbread crackers, roasted curried cashews and chocolate-covered candied honeycomb, $80 (including overnight shipping),

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