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Haunting moment killer smiles at cops then confesses to shooting dead 35 people

This is the chilling moment a mass murderer confessed to killing 35 people in a cold-blooded shooting.

Martin Bryant, from Australia, shocked the world when he went on a shooting spree in the tourist village of Port Arthur in Tasmania in 1996.

A new documentary, which was shown on 7News Spotlight, has shed a new light on the terrifying case.

It included a chilling clip taken inside the interrogation room on April 29, 1996, where Bryant revealed to the police that he was responsible for the massacre.

The segment was then shared by viewers on TikTok and it showed the then 28-year-old Bryant talking to the police.

A narrator said: "There was one moment when Bryant dropped his guard. He thought they had stopped recording."

Looking relaxed, the cold-blooded killer told the officers: "I'm sure you will find the person that caused all this."

He raised his eyebrows and points towards himself, whispering: "Me."

The interrogator responded: "I don't find that a very funny statement at all Martin, to be honest."

Bryant let slip a big grin on his face and added: "You should've put that on recording."

The officer answered: "Oh it's still recording at this present stage."

Before the massacre on April 28, Bryant had had lunch at the Broad Arrow cafe. He suddenly opened fire with an AR-15 assault rifle in the kitchen and serving area, before moving towards the tables.

He then went out to the car park, continuing his rapid fire assault on anyone within range.

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The documentary suggested Bryant had potentially killed twice before the mass shooting – his father Maurice and his close friend Helen Mary Elizabeth Harvey.

In November 1996, Bryant was handed 35 life sentences, plus an additional 1652 years in prison, without the possibility of parole.

The now 53-year-old was sent to a a small mental health unit in Tasmania's Risdon Prison on the outskirts of Hobart.

The incident prompted a gun reform that effectively banned all semi-automatic weapons from sale in Australia.

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