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Barbecue Sauces Designed for Vegetables

The vegan barbecue chef Kerry Fitzmaurice now sells barbecue and hot sauces with grilled vegetables in mind.

By Florence Fabricant

With her plans for a vegan barbecue restaurant in Greenwich Village on hold since last year, Kerry Fitzmaurice pivoted and put her expertise in a bottle, introducing Pure Grit BBQ: The BBQ Kit, designed specifically for vegetables and plant-based proteins instead of the usual meats. It’s a mild, vinegar-based sauce, with a tomato and pepper component designed, as she puts it, so “it doesn’t overpower vegetables.” You can also use it as a salad dressing with sturdy ingredients like kale. And if you’d like more fire, there is a hot sauce, too.

Pure Grit BBQ sauces, $36 for two of the barbecue and one hot sauce, or one of each plus a spice rub,; $16 a bottle from

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