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Prince Harry blasts world as ‘depressing’ and believes it is ‘making us sicker’

Prince Harry slammed today's world as 'depressing' for children growing up as he spoke about social media and climate change.

He also spoke of how parents "aren't equipped" to help their children with daily stresses as they're growing up.

His latest swipe featured on the new episode of The Me You Can't See: The Path Forward with Oprah Winfrey, which aired on Apple TV on Friday, May 28.

The Duke of Sussex asked a mental health expert if climate change and social media, one of the changing factors in the world, should just be 'adapted' to and whether children need to "build resilience".

In a virtual town hall discussion meeting with a panel of mental health experts from across the globe, the prince asked Shaun Robinson, Chief Executive of Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand: “With kids growing up in today’s world – it’s pretty depressing, right?

"Depending on where you live, your home country is either on fire, it’s either underwater, your houses or forests are being flattened.

"Climate change is really playing a part in this as well as social media and I know lots of people out there are doing the best they can to fix these issues."

He went on to suggest if we are to accept the problems are going to continue to grow or build a resilience among the next generation in a post-Covid world.

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Shaun responded that society needs to change its attitude and address social justice issues, and added we need to accept that "a level of suffering is part of being human".

Prince Harry also said: "Parents don't feel equipped to deal with the daily stresses of children going through and growing up in a world we allow to be created."

He added: "I believe is making us sicker."

The new episode comes after the five-part docuseries released on Apple TV last week, where Harry spoke about the 'genetic pain and suffering' he went through while growing up.

He claimed that members of the royal family "totally neglected" him when he sought help for his wife Meghan Markle who was being abused online and on social media.

The duke also called five years of his life, from the ages of 28 and 32, as a "nightmare" and spoke out about dealing with the trauma of losing his mother, Princess Diana.

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