Britons living in Europe facing ‘severe’ consequences amid ‘failing’ EU residency rights

Spain: Expert explains ‘repercussions’ for British expats

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British nationals residing in Europe face “severe repercussions” if the EU fails to comply fully with the articles of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement amid concern some Britons are being unjustly denied residency rights. Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie, senior research executive at Get Britain Out has launched a furious attack against the EU saying the bloc is “failing at the moment and that is having consequences for people.”

Mr Mackenzie-Lawrie told Express.co.uk: “The repercussions for people can be severe simply because they can lose the way they live.

“People who have lived in Spain or Italy in these places for years and apply for residency fill out the forms probably and partly because of delays in organising the systems.

“European Union officials don’t know what they are looking for, don’t necessarily no what to approve what not to approve.

“And people are being wrongly denied and they have to come home.”

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“They then have to begin the whole process again undoubtedly adding years onto when they could return.

He added: “There is also a degree in which look at how EU citizens in the UK have been treated and you look how UK citizens in the EU have been treated and it is a completely different ball game.

“The UK Government and a lot of people who live in the European Union believe that the EU has been preaching about ensuring rights of citizens well now they actually have to live up their actions to what their words were.

“They are failing at the moment and that is having consequences for people who live there, consequences that have real impact it is not just a political debate.”

Lord Frost grilled on rights of British expats in the EU

The comments came as Lord Frost told a meeting of the House of Lord Committee that members of the EU have been slow to roll out ID cards that would enable British nationals to prove entitlement to residency rights.

Lord Frost continued: “The sorts of problems we get is difficulty evidencing rights for example if members states are slow to roll out the right kind of ID card that evidences that you are a citizen with withdrawal agreement rights.

“Sometimes people from it had to access services, benefits, unemployment benefits, travel benefits, health and so on.

“And occasionally we find still that some governments require overburdensome paperwork from people to acknowledge their rights. But in all cases, we are working with them and the situation is improving.”

However, the peer told the EU Committee that individual members states must comply with the articles of the Withdrawal Agreement.

He said: “I don’t want to downplay it.

“The provisions of the treaty need to be complied with.

“Because they affect citizens lives in Europe and we do our very best to make sure that takes place.”

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