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Suspected serial killer sent letter to estranged wife ‘confessing’ to killing ex

A suspected serial killer confessed one of his horrific alleged crimes in a rambling letter to his ex-wife.

It is believed Harold David Haulman, who is suspected of killing four, was trying to save his marriage to his estranged wife when he admitted to killing a former lover.

The 43-year-old has been in jail in the US state of Pennsylvania since last December charged with the murder of Erica Shultz, 26.

He was also charged on Friday with the murder of his former girlfriend Tianna Phillips.

Haulman is already a convicted killer and spent time in a German prison for murdering an American military doctor in 1999.

Luzerne County Assistant District Attorney Dan Zola said he is also a suspect in a presumed Michigan homicide. Ashley M. Parlier, a pregnant 21-year-old went missing from Battle Creek, Michigan in 2005.

During the current investigation Haulman's estranged wife Anne showed the authorities a letter where he confessed to killing Miss Phillips.

The couple separated last summer, but the killer tried to reconcile with her a few months later by sending greeting cards and a confession letter. He said he wrote to assure her that he would never hurt her.

In the letter, which is part of the criminal complaint, he said he drove to Berwick, Pennsylvania on June 13, 2018 to get Miss Phillips.

The letter read: "After walking into the woods, I pulled a knive (sic) from my pocket and attacked her from behind cutting her throat.

"As she gasped for her last breath of air I stabbed her repeatedly in the side of the neck, back and arms.

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"I then returned to the crime scene months later and retrieved any and all evidence and disposed of it in a dumpster, not sure exactly where.

"I Harold David Haulman III committed this crime on my own and of my own free will."

Police said that Haulman told his wife that he killed Miss Phillips and showed her pictures of a dead woman, but Anne told prosecutors that she did not believe him.

Then he forced her to go to the murder scene with him three months later, and he removed Miss Phillips' skull, clothing and ribcage from the area, she told prosecutors.

Mr Zola said on Wednesday that they still have not found the alleged murder weapons or Ms Phillips' remains, while the remains of Ms Parlier also remain undiscovered.

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