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Horrified woman finds spider’s corpse in Nescafe coffee sachet

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A woman says she has been left deeply traumatised after finding a spider's corpse in her coffee sachet.

The 27-year-old from Hull, who does not want to be named, was after a caffeine kick and was making a drink using a Nescafe 3 in 1 sachet when she spotted the dead spider.

She told HullLive: “To be honest it has traumatised me. I’m wary and rather paranoid of drinking sachets of any kind, and especially wary of coffee.

“It made me feel sick. What if the spider was poisonous? Imagine if it had laid eggs in the batch of coffee sachets they sent out. It is clearly contaminated.”

She immediately contacted Nestle about the grisly discovery and was left angered by their response.

She said: “The response from Nestle has been shocking and disgraceful! I feel they have just pushed it aside. They offered me a goodwill gesture of £15 just so they don’t have to deal with the situation. However, they state the £15 is to purchase more of their goods. Are they joking?

“For a complaint of this kind to be brushed under the table is disgusting. I have contacted trading standards and Citizens Advice.”

The woman even emailed the UK CEO of Nestle, Stefano Agostini, about the matter.

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After the initial complaint, the company, which is the largest food and drink manufacturer on the planet, responded by saying: “We were very sorry to learn that you have had cause to complain about the presence of a foreign material.

“We appreciate during this unprecedented time it may not be possible for you to return the item. We'd like to re-assure you we're still keen to investigate the reason for your disappointment.

“We'd be grateful if you can send us a photograph of the goods in question, this will help us start our investigation into the cause of the complaint, with a view to taking steps to avoid it happening again.”

The woman sent over all the relevant information and photographs and even returned the product complete with spider.

A spokesman said: "In view of the precautions we take to prevent insects from entering our production areas, we are very concerned that an insect managed to become incorporated in the product.

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“This product is manufactured at a high temperature and no insect could survive intact during that production process.

"We have stringent precautions in place in our production areas to prevent insect contamination in our products. All exits and entrances are protected by self-closing doors and exterior windows are fly-proofed.

"Also we employ the services of a leading firm of pest control experts whose specialist personnel make frequent inspections of the premises.”

“We have stringent procedures in place across all of our manufacturing and our teams work very hard to avoid our products leaving our factories any less than perfect.

“This type of complaint is very rare and we will investigate how it could have happened and, if required, take steps to make sure it cannot happen again.”

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