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Heart-stopping moment huge alligator emerges from lake and chases fisherman

A fisherman has luckily escaped unharmed after an alligator emerged from the water and chased after him.

Tommy Lee was forced to and cut his fishing trip short as soon as he noticed the reptile bobbing its head above the surface in the wetland area of Everglades in Florida.

In the footage he posted on YouTube, the angler is tarpon fishing and reeling his line in as he stands in a small opening by the river bank.

But he then notices the apex predator, roughly 11ft long, approaching the water's edge.

He starts running for his life and scampering down a narrow path as the 11-feet alligator chases after him further inland.

At one point, Tommy trips and falls just about a metre ahead of the beast.

He says: "Oh Jesus Christ, you got to be careful here. Well, that puts an end to my tarpon fishing."

The two have a silent standoff before Tommy carries on to find his way out.

After a short peddle down the path, he turns around and looks for the alligator, teasing: "Hey buddy."

The reptile is seen heading back to the lake and getting back into the water.

Viewers compared Tommy's lucky escape as if something coming out of a horror movie.

One wrote: "And I thought people only tripped and fell down at the worst possible time in horror movies for suspense."

Another added: "I watched too much Jurassic Park. I was thinking the gator was distracting you while another was waiting to ambush you from the side."

"Lived in Florida my whole life, this is pretty much how you get killed by a gator," a third advised. "Need to treat these animals with respect and act with caution in their environment."

A spokesperson for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said: "During this period, it’s not uncommon to see big gators acting more aggressive than usual while they move around looking for mates."

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