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Terrified girl, 6, runs for her life after spotting shark in sea just feet away

A young girl has luckily escaped unscathed after her mum spotted a "shark" thrashing around behind her at the shallow water by a beach.

Mum Sheri Gouveia was filming her daughterAnela Rezentes playing in the water at Oahu’s Kalama Beach in Hawaii before she dropped her phone and ran to rescue her six-year-old out of danger.

In the mobile phone footage she later posted on Twitter, little Anela is seen looking at the waves when what appears to be a shark's fin emerges from the water.

Anela starts jumping and screaming: "Shark!"

She quickly turns back and starts heading towards the beach.

A zoom-in frame captures the sea beast thrashing in the air, revealing a black lining along its fin and body.

The girl later told local media KHON2: "My soul left my body. I saw a shark.

"I didn’t notice he was behind my back. So I really wanted to run out. I was really scared."

Her mum was shocked when she saw how close her daughter was to the sea monster.

"Never ever has something like this happened before," Sheri said. "She’s pretty much here every other weekend. I guess there really are angels watching over my angel."

Since she shared the video online, some eagle-eyed viewers believed it was a black-tipped shark, which normally hunts for fish in shallow water.

One said: "So scary for the baby girl. Hope everyone there was unharmed there was others close."

Another wrote: "Many sharks come in at surf line. Black tip sharks especially. They travel in groups. She was lucky."

A third who said he lived in Hawaii for three years warned: "Sharks coming close to the beach is quite common.

"Parents have to be mindful more do there especially on the North Shore. I lived it believe me!"

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