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UK cold weather forecast: Chart turns dark blue as -3C three-day icy blast grips Britain

BBC Weather: Arctic wind to hit Europe as temperatures drop

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Rain is also expected, generally light but with some heavy showers, bringing an extended dry spell to an end. Minimum temperature charts produced by Netweather.TV show conditions falling below freezing across a swarth of central and western Britain early on Thursday morning.

Lows of -2C are expected for southern and central Wales around 6am.

At the same time temperatures of -1C or 0C are forecast across Scotland, central England and the west country.

Conditions will warm during the day, reaching highs of 10C in the southeast, before freezing temperatures return overnight.

At 6am on Friday, Netweather expects negative temperatures across most of Scotland and northern and central England, as well as parts of Wales and Northern Ireland.

The coldest temperatures, at around -2C should be expected for central and southern Scotland whilst Cornwall enjoys a comparatively warm 8C-9C.

After another mild day, with London forecast 12C, freezing conditions return early on Saturday morning.

These will be more sporadic than before, concentrated around northern England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Parts of the Scottish Highlands could see readings of -3C whilst the southeast and East Anglia remain warmer.

Separate temperature anomaly charts by WxCharts also show dark blue colours engulfing the UK from Thursday towards the weekend.

It comes as bitterly cold northern air from the Arctic continues to grip the nation.

According to Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern more rain should be expected over the next ten days.

He said: “Following an extraordinarily dry April so far some places have had much-needed rainfall so far this week and there’s more to come in the next ten days.


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“There will be some rain, mainly in the form of showers, during the rest of this week and the weekend but more substantial rain, steadier and heavier at times, next week.

“It stays cool with further overnight frosts possible in a few spots.”

From Thursday to Sunday conditions will remain similar, as Britain stays north of the jet stream.

The ground will be heated by a strong sun which, when mixed with cooler air above, will produce large shower clouds.

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Mr McGivern predicts: “Thursday through to Sunday we can expect some sunny spells but also scattered heavy downpours.

“One trend heading into the weekend is the winds become increasingly light.

“That of course increases the chance of some overnight frost but it also means that by day it will feel a bit more pleasant in any sunny spells.

“By night typically temperatures three or four degrees in most places, a touch of frost in some areas where we get a clear sky at night and a bit of shelter from the breeze.”

From Tuesday onwards more wet weather should be expected, especially for southern Britain.

This will mostly remain showers but could turn into heavier rain for some areas.

Mr McGivern also forecasts more frost overnight.

He commented: “We’ll still be on the cool side of the jet stream so can expect below-average temperatures and in any clear spell at night always the possibility of a touch of frost.

“But, given how unsettled it will be with bouts of wind and rain, those frosts are not expected to be as widespread or as common as we’ve seen through much of April.”


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