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Photographer catches ‘alien invasion’ cloud hovering over small UK island

A photographer thought he was witnessing the beginnings of an “ alien invasion” when he saw a perfect cloud formed over a UK island.

Robert K Wilson, 70, captured the "supernatural" photograph which resembles a UFO while he was walking his dogs Scrabble and Millie on a beach in Girvan, South Ayrshire, Scotland, at 11am on April 12.

He saw a cloud hovering above the island of Ailsa Craig in the outer Firth of Clyde, which is home to gannets and puffins.

Retired professional photographer Robert had luckily taken his camera out with him that morning, and managed to snap the perfect picture of what he says looked like a "box of malevolent energy".

Dad-of-one Robert said it looked like something was coming out of the sky, like an alien visiting the planet.

To add to the mystery, he said the cloud hovered above the island for three hours despite the fact that other clouds he has seen there always move on very quickly.

Robert, who lives in Girvan, said: “From where I live I can see Ailsa Craig every day.

“I’ve seen clouds above it before, but never as perfectly formed as this one.

“I was out with my dogs, Scrabble and Millie, and it was a stunning morning.

"I looked over at the island, which is about 12 miles away, and I noticed a cloud forming above the island.

“It changed into this incredible shape above the island, like a box of malevolent energy.

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“It was almost supernatural – like there was an alien coming out of the sky.

“I had to take a picture.

“It’s an extra special picture, opportunities like that don’t come along often.

“The cloud stayed above the island for three hours after – which is strange, it usually forms and moves away like a locomotive steam train – but not this one.

“I feel for anyone who was on the island that day though, as the saying goes ‘when Ailsa Craig’s got a hat on you know it’s going to be wet’.”

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