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Harrowing moment Taliban whip woman 40 times for ‘talking to man on phone’

A woman was filmed being brutally lashed 40 times by the Taliban after being caught "talking to a young man on a phone".

The sentence, carried out by the so-called Taliban judges, took place in a public square in Haftgola located near Herat in Afghanistan, some time in late 2020.

Footage of the brutal punishment was first posted on Facebook on April 13, and it quickly sparked outrage on social media.

In the clip, a woman dressed in a burka is seen sitting in the middle of an open space where dozens of spectators stand in a circle.

Then three men, who are known as the "elders", walk into the circle and deliver the woman's sentence.

She was accused of committing "immoral relations" because she "talked to a young man on the phone" and the Taliban "elders" sentenced her to 40 lashes in public.

The victim is forced to kneel as a man gives her a lash to the back.

She cries for help, saying: "I repent…it's my fault. I messed up."

Shortly after, another man takes over and continues to whip her until she receives all 40 lashes.

It is understood that the man who she talked to was arrested and was held in a Taliban prison, according to France24.

Atefa Ghafouri, a women's rights activist in Herat, told the media: "All of the men who attended the whipping were ordinary citizens, just people who live in the area.

"Lots of Afghans, especially those in rural regions, support these tribunals. In many parts of Afghanistan, the government has zero presence.

"People turn to these tribunals and find solutions for their conflicts and that builds legitimacy.

"The Taliban impose their rules, the first victims of this system are women."

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The video came shortly after US President Joe Biden announced he would be pulling the remaining 2,500 US troops out of Afghanistan by September 11.

The decision seemed to have ignored the dates set by the Taliban and Afghan government in the Doha Agreement last February.

It stated that US and NATO allies would have to withdraw from Afghanistan by May 1, 2021, provided both parties upheld their side of the treaty.

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