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Denver police officer arrested on suspicion of vehicular assault of other officer

A Denver police officer was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of vehicular assault for allegedly crashing his unmarked police car into another police car.

Officer Jacob Marsh, 38, is suspended without pay from the department while his case is ongoing, Denver police spokeswoman Christine Downs said.

Marsh was driving his unmarked police car at 3 a.m. April 13 the wrong direction in the 4800 block of Quebec Street while following another car, according to the probable cause statement about his arrest.

Marsh then struck a second Denver police car head-on, according to the statement. The second police car was traveling in the correct direction. The computer system in Marsh’s car showed he was traveling 75 mph in a area with a speed limit of 45 mph. The second Denver police car was traveling 51 mph, according to the probable cause statement.

The officer in the second car was seriously injured and underwent surgery. The car that Marsh was following did not stop and was not involved in the crash.

The Denver Police Department did not immediately respond to a question Wednesday about whether Marsh was on-duty at the time of the crash.

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