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Cannibal daughter who cut off mum’s head and left it on lawn appeals sentence

A "cannibal" who cut her mum's head off and left it on a footpath outside their Australian home is reportedly set to appeal her 21 year jail sentence.

Jessica Camilleri, 27, was found guilty of manslaughter after stabbing Rita Camilleri's face 100 times with seven different kitchen knives.

She broke four in the attack and described killing her mum in a call to police moments after the death in the city of Saint Clair.

The attack was carried out after she flew into a fit of rage to prevent being sent to hospital for psychiatric treatment.

She dragged her mum, who had become her sole carer, into the kitchen by the hair where she butchered her with steak knives.

After decapitating her mum, she removed her tongue, eyeballs and nose and asked police if medics could sew it back on.

She was caged for a minimum of 16 years and two months in March.

A judge said she had engaged in “acts of decapitation and cannibalism” following the killing in July 2019.

Justice Helen Wilson said: “She understood the nature of her act when stabbing her mother and clearly knew it was wrong.”

Camilleri recently filed a notice of intention to appeal against the severity of her sentence to the North South Wales Supreme Court, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Her team has until September to file further paperwork including on what grounds they will base her appeal.

Her trial heard that she had an obsession with horror films following the attack on her mum, owning eight copies of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and five of Jeepers Creepers, which she watched "over and over again".

Two forensic psychiatrists had told the trial the frenzied knife attack was prompted by an intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder that features a fixation on horror films, though only one attributed the loss of control to the mixture of those conditions.

The other expert said an intermittent explosive disorder had a significant role to play.

Last Thursday Camilleri was convicted of common assault against an inmate at the Silverwater Correctional Centre in Western Sydney.

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Court documents state Camilleri, who says she suffers from bulimia, told police she believed the inmate was making fun of her eating disorder.

She approached the inmate in the recreation room and told her she was still hungry, according to the documents.

"Who should I ask for more food?" Camilleri said.

"I don't know who to ask, haven't you had enough food already?" the inmate said.

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Appearing via video link at Burwood Local Court, Camilleri said: "They single me out in prison because of the nature of my crime.

"No matter what I do, no matter where I go other prisoners will make my life a living hell."

She believed the inmate was conspiring with others to attack her and walked behind her, pulled her by the hair and then 'vaulted' her, the documents state.

Magistrate Sharon Freund convicted Camilleri of common assault.

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