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Pubs facing beer shortages as Brits go mad in national post-lockdown sesh

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Pubs are facing beer shortages as some brewers struggle to keep up with the post-lockdown demand.

Thirsty punters rushed to their local boozers when they finally reopened on April 12 after more than three months of lockdown, but demand is outstripping supply for some popular brands.

These include Amstel and Birra Moretti, with owner Heineken now temporarily limiting pubs to three kegs per week to cope with supply issues.

Heineken said demand had "totally surpassed" its forecasts and that its breweries are "working round the clock" to deal with the surge.

The shortage is said to be a particular issue for the 2,500 Star Pubs & Bars owned by Heineken, which are now offering punters alternatives.

Meanwhile, the brewery is increasing production of in-demand brands to get them back on tap.

More than 10 million people have so far enjoyed a visit to a pub since they reopened two weeks ago, with many looking forward to sipping on a draught pint again for the first time in months.

Landlords have warned the shortage is "affecting their ability to trade efficiently and turn a profit".

A spokesman for Heineken UK told The Sun: "Demand for Birra Moretti and Amstel has totally surpassed our most optimistic forecasts, and our breweries are working round the clock to deal with this high level of demand.

"We are working with our customers to offer alternative beers from the extensive Heineken UK range of brands as we increase production."

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Alastair Kerr, regional representatives coordinator for the Campaign for Pubs, told the Daily Mail: "Pubs are struggling enough, with many opening on a financial loss and a beer shortage is the last thing they need.

"It is essential that these pubs be able to get the beer that they desperately need, some of whom are contractually obliged to sell that particular product."

Pubs in England are currently open for groups of six people, or a group of any size from two households, with outdoor service.

Indoor service will be allowed no earlier than May 17 as the nation continues its roadmap out of lockdown.

Pubs and the hospitality industry have been among the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

They have been forced to shut multiple times during the crisis with firms missing out on some of their busiest times of the year, including Christmas, two Easter bank holiday weekends and numerous other special occasions.

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