Boris blasts St George’s day critics with angry speech ’Without embarrassment and shame!’

St George's Day: Downing Street flies flag to celebrate day

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Boris Johnson uploaded a message on his Twitter account wishing everyone a “very happy St George’s Day” which falls on April 23. The prime minister said he wanted those celebrating in England to “raise a glass” and to do so “without embarrassment and without shame” to commemorate the day. The date marks St George’s death after he was made famous by myth when he killed a dragon and is England’s patron saint.  

In a video recorded in what appears to be Downing Street, Mr Johnson said: “A very Happy St George’s day, Shakespeare’s birthday, to everyone celebrating here in England and around the world.

“Because today is the day when without embarrassment without shame we can raise a glass to everything that makes England such a great part of our United Kingdom – Happy St George’s Day.”

Commentators posted a wide range of reactions to the energetic video with some saying he was the “best” prime minister the UK has ever had. 

One said: “Best PM since Churchill.”

Another added: “That’s brilliant Mr Johnson, so patriotic and appreciated, a good speech thank you and a happy St George’s Day to you and all of England.”

But others were not as chipper and used the opportunity to critique the prime minister

A viewer wrote: “So all the other days are filled with shame and embarrassment? Duly noted Boris.”

One questioned why the day was celebrated stating: “I find it odd that St George would be considered the patron saint of England since he was neither English nor did he ever step foot on English soil. 

“Nor is he uniquely a patron saint for England as several other countries celebrate St George as their patron saint as well.”

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