Sturgeon’s SNP dream suffers blow as new poll shows lead for ‘no’ in IndyRef2 vote

Nicola Sturgeon: SNP winning majority 'not an easy thing to do'

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Savanta ComRes carried out a poll for a hypothetical Scottish independence referendum from April 16 to April 20. Their polling shows a narrow lead for ‘No’, marking an increase from their last survey on April 7.

Data from the pollsters shows that in an independence referendum, 48 percent would vote ’No’ to 45 percent saying ‘Yes’.

But seven percent added they are undecided on how they would vote in an independence referendum.

Excluding ‘don’t know’s, the pollsters show a four percent lead for ‘No’ campaigners.

Support for independence excluding undecideds is at 48 percent, while the ‘No’ vote is at 52 percent.

It shows an increase of three points for ‘No’ voters from Savanta ComRes’ last survey from between April 2 to April 7, which showed the referendum was spilt 45 percent each with nine percent saying they were undecided.

It marks the second poll showing a lead for ’No’, after YouGov and the Times gave the vote a 6 percent lead.

Surveying 1,204 people between April 16 to April 20, YouGov saw the ‘Yes’ vote at 39 percent, the ‘No’ vote at 45 percent and undecided’s at 10 percent.

However, all polls indicate the SNP is set for an outright majority in the May 6 elections.

It comes after Alex Salmond, former SNP First Minister and head of the Alba Party, has insisted his party is the “only party taking independence seriously”.

Launching Alba’s election manifesto, he said the party has a “proper plan to deliver independence” and added they are “properly prepared to build the Scotland its people deserve when we win such a referendum”.

Ms Sturgeon has accused him of potentially putting people off independence by attempting to “bulldoze” rather than persuade those who need to be won over.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has dismissed Alba as “flag-waving ultra-nationalists”.

It also follows Ms Sturgeon admitting the SNP is working hard to “break the system” of proportional representation used in the Scottish Parliamentary election in order to secure Scottish independence.

She told ITV’S Robert Peston: “There has to be a simple majority in the Scottish Parliament of MSPs to support a referendum for there to be a mandate for a referendum.

“Obviously, I hope the SNP wins a majority but there is a proportional representation electoral system to the Scottish Parliament so that is not an easy thing to do.

“You are required to almost break the system to do it but that is what we are working hard to achieve.

“A simple majority of pro-independence MSPs is what you need to secure the mandate for a referendum.”

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