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‘Cannibal’ chopped up mum and ate her remains he kept in ‘lunchboxes in fridge’

An alleged cannibal is on trial accused of killing and chopping up her body before living off her remains which he kept in lunchboxes in the fridge.

A court in Spain heard that Alberto Sanchez Gomez, 26, had frequently been violent towards his mum Maria Soledad Gomez, 66.

She even took out a restraining order against him yet she told friends who asked why she would always take him back: "What can I do, he is my son."

The man, who has been dubbed in local media as "the Cannibal of Guindalera", is on trial for murdering his mum in the Guindalera neighbourhood of Spain's capital Madrid in February 2019.

Authorities are said to have arrived at the family house after friends reported they had not seen Soledad for several days.

Gomez reportedly admitted that he had strangled his mother to death.

He later is said to have admitted cutting her up and spending 15 days eating her remains whilst feeding the bits he did not want to his dog.

Officers reported that the victim's limbs were wrapped in plastic and left lying around various rooms, but other parts were in the fridge and further cooked pieces were lying in a pan.

Several cops were reportedly violently sick due to the overwhelming stench and shock of what they were seeing.

The prosecutor is accusing Gomez of homicide and the desecration of a corpse and he is facing 15 years and five months in prison.

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It is believed he had an argument with his mum before suffocating her, then taking her dead body into the bedroom where he began chopping it up.

According to local media, the court believes the suspect is suffering from a mental illness, possibly borderline personality disorder, and was using drugs at the time.

ABC claims that Gomez has been admitted to psychiatric care three times on the encouragement of his mother who was terrified of him as he would routinely physically attack her.

Gomez was handed a restraining order for attacking her in 2018 but he is said to have violated the court order and returned to his mum's house.

The defendant and police officers who found the dismembered body are due to testify on Tuesday in Madrid's provincial court.

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