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Builders sacked after video of boozy birthday party with stripper goes viral

An entire team of builders has been sacked after several videos emerged showing an on-site party where the men drank booze and frolicked with a stripper.

The "extremely inappropriate and entirely unacceptable” birthday party for one of the builders took place on Friday, April 9 at a home under construction in Ontario, Canada.

Apart from the drinking of alcohol, and the presence of a semi-nude woman on the site, criticisms been levelled at the lack of Covid-19 precautions taken by the participants.

Valerie Scott, Legal Co-ordinator for action group Sex Professionals of Canada, told CTV that she was concerned that there was no personal protective equipment being worn.

“She was doing a private gig," said Ms Scott. "This has been going on for a couple of centuries.

“But the lack of mask wearing and physical distancing is a problem, and that could have been solved by changing the venue.”

Ms Scott also expressed concern that the numerous explicit videos – which have gone viral across Canada – would expose the stripper’s identity.

In the clips uploaded to Twitter, the men can be seen dancing with the woman, as well as fondling her breasts, pouring what appears to be Grey Goose vodka on her, and simulating oral sex.

A statement from the Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) called the videos “shocking, unacceptable and repulsive behaviour and simply degrading to women,” and criticised the builders’ actions.

“RESCON has always stood up for the rights of women,” the statement read.

“We have also been working to promote the construction industry as a viable career path for women," the statement continued. "This type of conduct has no place on construction sites and won’t be tolerated.”

The builders’ employer, Nelmar Drywall, said the men had all been sacked and issued a statement to the Toronto Sun which read: “While this incident is known to have happened at a Mattamy Homes project, it should be known that neither Mattamy Homes nor any of its employees had any involvement in nor any knowledge of the conduct depicted in the Subject Video/Images whatsoever; and, therefore, Mattamy Homes is not responsible for the incident,”

Homebuilders Mattamy Homes added: "We will be reinforcing with all our trade partners our zero-tolerance policies and clear expectations regarding workplace code of conduct as well as our strict Covid-19 protocols.

"Internally we are also reviewing our site security procedures and will make whatever adjustments may be necessary."

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