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Meghan Markle ‘would’ve been happy to see Harry and Will renew brotherly bond’

Meghan Markle would have been "happy to see" Prince Harry and Prince William talking at the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip.

Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and William were spotted chatting after the Royal Family left St George's Chapel.

The Royals chose to walk to Windsor Castle in a final show of respect to their grandfather, who hated being driven anywhere, instead of taking a car to the Queen's residence.

Brittani Barger of Royal Central told the Star the pair were likely talking about "their memories with their beloved grandfather," and the conversation was just the "beginning" of Harry and William’s road to reconciliation.

Prince Harry was alone during the service as his wife, Meghan Markle, who is heavily pregnant, had to stay home.

She reportedly tried "everything" she could do attend the ceremony, but was unable to fly to the UK, giving Harry a handwritten note for Philip instead.

Ms Barger claims Meghan would have been "happy to see" the pair chatting, as she "knows her husband misses and loves his family."

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The expert, who is the deputy editor of Royal Central, a U.S. based Royal website, told the Star: "I think Meghan would have been happy to see that.

"She knows her husband misses his family and loves his family.

"William and Harry share a special bond, so I'm sure she was happy to see them talking as they left St George's Chapel."

Ms Barger went on to say that "sad moments" often bring people together and can help with "reconciliation."

Stressing that this show of solidarity does not mean everything between Harry and William is fine, the expert said the chat represents "hope."

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Ms Barger said: "I thought it was nice to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chatting with the Duke of Sussex as they walked back to Windsor Castle.

"They are all in mourning right now, and sad moments like these can help with reconciliation.

"William and Harry are brothers, and I'm sure they were talking about their memories with their beloved grandfather. We can only hope this is the beginning of repairing their relationship."

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