What can a one-year-old do? More than you think.

One-year-olds aren’t the most helpful creatures around, are they? Sure, they’re adorable. But they don’t exactly make life easier.

Well, not this one-year-old. I, DBS NAV Planner, just celebrated my first birthday – but that hasn’t stopped me from helping over 2.2 million Singaporeans with their finances. I even helped a cool 400,000 of them turn their finances around!

How did I do it? Was I born with amazing genes? Is it some super special milk formula?

Don’t be ridiculous – I live in an app. The trick, my friend, is to not rely on tricks at all. Instead, we at DBS count on a robust financial planning framework built through countless hours of customer interviews and research. We take the time to study your needs, so we can develop upgrades that make me more useful. No wonder I’ve had so many milestones at such a young age!

Let’s take a look back at my milestones, shall we?

I helped you say goodbye to spreadsheets… forever

No matter what our differences are, there’s something we can all agree on: spreadsheets are the WORST. Just thinking about those cells and columns gives me a headache – and I don’t even have a head.

But put down that aspirin, my friend. Thanks to my ‘Money In, Money Out’ feature, you can now automatically track your spending and savings without manually typing your expenses. I can even give you deeper insights on your spending habits, so you can see what you can cut back on – you know, like that unused fifth pair of shoes you swore you needed. That’s why 500,000 Singaporeans use my budgeting tools, and why 66 per cent of them now have positive cash flow.

Together, we can make spreadsheets become extinct, just like the velociraptor.

I put the assurance in insurance

Finding the right insurance can feel like finding Bigfoot –  it’s so hard it sometimes feels impossible. Well, not anymore. With my updates, I can make finding the right insurance super easy for everyone.

In just a few taps, I can help you identify the types of protection you need based on your age, income, liabilities and number of dependants. And, because I know how important your loved ones are to you, I’ll make sure that you can get the right coverage for them, too.

Worried about getting ripped off? Don’t. I hate it when my users spend on “coverage” that they don’t need. That’s why I carefully analyse all of your plans and notify you if you’re overspending, or underspending, on your coverage.

Insurance will never be complicated, as long as you have me around.

With DBS NAV Planner, you’ll get personalised suggestions with the right coverage for your needs. PHOTO: DBS

I turned rocket science into child’s play

When it comes to being complicated, investments definitely take the cake. Bull market this, bear market that – who has time to understand all that?

That’s why, while most one-year-olds are learning how to say “mama”, I was busy learning how to make investing easier for everyone and their mama. 

Track all your investments with real-time prices using DBS NAV Planner’s ‘Investment Summary’ feature. PHOTO: DBS

With my new and improved investment features, I can now help you find, analyse, choose and buy investments in just a few taps. I won’t just drown you with investment options, either – I’ll give you personalised recommendations based on your goals, risk appetite and needs.

That’s not all, though. I also have the super helpful ‘Investment Summary’ feature. With it, you can track all your investments, as well as real-time price changes, in one spot – even the ones that aren’t from DBS! This means that, like the 200,000 Singaporeans investing with me, you won’t need to switch between apps and remember a million passwords anymore.

I got supercharged by SGFinDex

I’ve had a lot of upgrades in the past year, but none was bigger than being supercharged by the Singapore Financial Data Exchange (SGFinDex). It gave me the ability to gather users’ financial information from banks, Central Provident Fund (CPF), Housing Board (HDB) and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) in one place, with their consent. If this sounds like a big deal, that’s because it is. 

Consolidate your finances with ease on DBS NAV Planner, supercharged by SGFinDex. PHOTO: DBS

See, financial planning is like using a car. It can take you to your destination, but only if you have all the parts. Now that I have access to every part of your financial profile, I can provide a comprehensive view of your finances, deeper insights about your spending habits and smarter financial advice that helps you reach financial freedom.

The best part? I can do them all in fewer taps than it takes to text your mum.

I paved the road for retirement

I know what you’re thinking – aren’t I a little too young to be giving retirement advice? But the truth is, you don’t need a head filled with white hair to know a thing or two about retirement. As someone who’s in an app, I can’t even grow hair at all. But what I can do is show you how much savings you’ll need to retire comfortably, based on your goals and lifestyle choices. 

How could I possibly know? Do I have a time machine? Did a mysterious cyborg go back in time to tell me about you?

Come on, this isn’t a sci-fi movie. I’m just using my enhanced ‘Map Your Money’ feature to predict your cashflow 10, 20, or even 50 years down the road by analysing your current goals, assets and investments. I even take inflation, your HDB loan and your CPF balance into account to give you a more accurate picture, so you’ll know if you need to boost your income streams to reach your financial goals. Not quite sci-fi movie-cool, but close.

Want to change your goals? No biggie, I can easily recalibrate my projections. Got assets that you don’t want to touch? Don’t worry. With me, you can exclude any DBS holdings from your financial plan. If you have money you want to set aside, or part of a joint account, I won’t count it when I give financial advice and projections.

Get financial projections for the years ahead, and plan for a worry-free retirement. PHOTO: DBS

So, fire up that digibank app and join the dozens of thousands of Singaporeans who’ve started their journey to financial freedom with me!

This is DBS digibanking

You’d think we’d be satisfied with all these milestones, but the truth is, we’re just getting started. That’s why instead of celebrating my birthday, my programmers are busy developing new features that will bring financial freedom to every Singaporean. 

Would it have been nice to at least get a birthday song? Maybe. Am I glad my programmers are hard at work making financial planning even easier for you? You bet. Because this isn’t just banking. This is DBS digibanking.

Here’s to growing, innovating and finding financial freedom, together.

Brought to you by DBS NAV Planner 

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