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Giant wasp amputates spider’s legs before flying away with body to feed babies

A woman has left shocked when she spotted a blue spider wasp butchering a spider bigger than its size and carrying only the body away.

April Koh witnessed the skin-crawling moment during a morning jog in Coney Island of Singapore on Friday, April 9.

She shared the footage to a wildlife group on Facebook, saying: "I have never seen a spider being taken apart like this and with such speed.

"The wasp just stripped off the legs like chicken wings and flew away with the body."

Fascinating video captures the bright-coloured insect killing the spider within seconds before amputating the brown arachnid's legs one by one.

April can be heard gasping and talking to a man: "Woah! It's [The spider legs] like chicken wings."

The spider wasp then carries the spider's body and takes off immediately, flying back to its nest.

People who have watched the clip were stunned by the small insect's hunting skills.

One wrote: "Very powerful jaw."

"Amazing how intelligent insects are," a second commented. "That was very efficiently done."

Some gave insight into the reason the wasp only carried the body but not the legs.

A viewer believed the spider was only paralysed so that the wasp could bring it back to the nest "to feed its young babies".

Another guessed: "It just wants to keep the spider alive enough to feed its babies when they hatch…"

Wasp expert Dr Gavin Broad at Natural History Museum explained the spider wasp family's behaviour as "an act of pre-prepared dinner".

He said: "They pierce the spider with a sharp, curved sting, rapidly injecting venom that permanently paralyses but keeps its hairy adversary alive.

"The incapacitated spider is either held captive in its own burrow or dragged to the wasp's nest. The female then lays a single egg on the spider's body."

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