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BBC Weather: Arctic snow storm to grip Europe with temperatures to plunge over next week

BBC Weather: Europe forecast chilly temperatures

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Temperatures will plummet across Europe over the next week, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. An Arctic chill will grip much of western and central Europe, with “a lot of snow” also expected. BBC meteorologist Ben Rich warned that “many parts of north-western Europe have been turning quite chilly so far this weekend”.

He pointed out that showers moving across the British Isles are turning “wintry and snowy”.

Mr Rich continued: “There is cold air digging down from the north.

“There is cloud pushing up from the south, more cloud drifting down from the north, joining forces across the heart of the continent.

“There is a big area of low pressure broadly in charge for Monday.”

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He explained: “Ahead of that low, some warm air is being sucked up from the south behind it.

“That is where we are into that cold, northernly air flow.

“Our low pressure system brings heavy rain across the northern half of Italy and some significant snow across the Alps.

“It is quite cool across much of Iberia and France on Monday and certainly quite chilly across the British Isles.

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“There is quite a lot of snow in the forecast for Scandinavia, especially in Norway.

“As we move into Tuesday, it is still wet in Italy and turning increasingly wet for then Balkans, with some snow on the higher ground.

“It remains quite chilly across many western and central parts of the continent.”

Looking further ahead this week, Mr Rich said the temperatures will “try to climb in London and Paris but it won’t get warm by any means”.


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He added that temperatures will actually “turn cooler in Madrid”.

This comes as fellow BBC weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker predicted freezing temperatures across the nation over the coming days.

While Mr Schafernaker said there may be spikes of warmer weather during the day he predicted they would stay only briefly and warned snow could develop in some parts of Wales and the Midlands.

He added that temperatures are “well below par” for this time in the year.

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