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Man accused of stealing firefighters’ truck in Commerce City, leading authorities on chase – The Denver Post

Jeremy Brandon Chavez, 41, is accused of stealing a fire truck, eluding police officers, and trying to steal another vehicle during his chase.

The wild scene happened in Commerce City on Sunday when around 9 a.m. South Adams County Fire Department responded to Mi Pueblo Market at the intersection of 64th Avenue and Kearney Street. There, a man was complaining about an issue breathing. While attempting to assist the man, he hightailed into a nearby firefighter’s Ford-450 truck, which was unlocked, and drove away.

Adams County Sheriffs’ deputies pursued for about 15 minutes and stopped the truck using stop sicks at East 120th Avenue and Highway 2, just north of Interstate 76.

The driver got out of the truck then tried to steal another car by pulling a woman out who had a small child in the backseat, authorities say.

Authorities stopped him.

Chavez was then taken to the Adams County Jail, where he was booked for aggravated motor vehicle theft, attempted robbery and vehicular eluding.

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