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Woman at wits’ end as stranger keeps leaving bottles of stale urine by her gate

A stranger has finally been caught "red handed" on camera leaving bottles of urine outside a Surrey resident's home after three mysterious months.

The owner of the Fetcham home, Belinda Payne-Tholet and her family, have been at an utter loss as to why they've been routinely left bottles of urine at the property's gates.

The strange behaviour left Belinda feeling uneasy and targeted so she decided to install CCTV at the family home which backs on to Bookham Common.

Initially, Belinda put up signs asking the person responsible to stop but after no change, she was determined to unveil the face behind the madness, writes SurreyLive.

After a few days of filming the family were finally given some comfort when the strange character was caught on film, but actually identifying him may take longer.

Belinda, 44, said: "Some weeks it was every day, then other days we wouldn't see it for a while. Then it started to become more and more frequent and didn't seem to be happening to anyone around us, only us. The bottles were lined up perfectly – it wasn't as if they had been thrown out of vehicles."

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The footage taken on Tuesday appears to show a person walking purposefully up to her gate carrying a bottle in each hand and placing them on the ground. They then continue walking along the common footpath.

In total Belinda estimates she has seen between 10 and 12 bottles appear at her gates with one at least five litres in volume.

Belinda said: "It is really strange and bizarre. We have no idea [why]. We don't have any direct neighbours, we're not noisy, and far as I can understand we haven't done anything to anybody that would upset them or would cause them to do this.

We are really puzzled and are getting tired of picking up these horrible bottles and having to dispose of them all the time.

The incidents have now been reported to the police and Belinda plans on reporting them to the council too.

She said: "If someone sees it, knows of the person who has done it and lets them know, then that is enough for me as long as they stop."

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