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The Queen ‘has a private box of chocolate snacks so no one else eats them’

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A new ITV documentary claims that the Queen is forced to carry around her own private chocolate snacks so no one else eats them.

The sensational revelation is set to send tongues wagging as rumours no doubt begin to fly about who it is exactly she is forced to hide her chocolate from.

The intriguing insight is provided by her second cousin and former lady-in-waiting, Lady Pamela Hicks, who fondly recounts their time together for the first time on television.

In the one-off documentary Lady Pamela Hicks reveals that the Queen deliberately keeps her treats hidden and out of the hands of aides and staff, reports The Sun.

The story is just one of the extraordinary memories shared by the trusted former lady-in-waiting in "My Years With The Queen" which will be televised on ITV at 9pm on Thursday, April 1.

Lady Pamela’s daughter India Hicks, a bridesmaid for Princess Diana, said about the Royal Family documentary: "I loved the one about the Queen always taking her own box of chocolates when she visits places as otherwise, everyone else would eat them.

"And I laughed at the fact that the Queen’s dress had its own cabin on the Commonwealth tour that was much bigger than my mother’s.

"As you can imagine, she was rather jealous."

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Earlier this year a BBC documentary about the Royal Family resurfaced online almost 50 years after it was banned by the Queen for ruining the 'Palace's mystique'.

Thousands of people watched Richard Cawston's fly-on-the-wall film" Royal Family" when it was uploaded in full to YouTube earlier in January by an account named Philip Strangeways.

It's unknown how the 1969 documentary, which gives a rare insight into the everyday lives of the royals, re-emerged online as it's reportedly protected by Crown copyright.

The film had been intended to revive public interest in the Royal Family by portraying them as ordinary people, but Her Majesty is understood to have decided it did too much damage to the Palace's mystique, demanding it never be screened again in 1972.

A royal source told the Telegraph of the leak: "This is a matter for the BBC. From time to time, things pop up on the internet that should not be there.

"We will assume it's going to be taken down."

YouTube did confirm the film had been taken down but not before it had racked up thousands of views

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