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Matt Hancock urges mystery carrier with Brazil Covid variant to come forward

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Matt Hancock has pleaded with a mystery person carrying the Brazilian coronavirus variant to contact health officials.

On Sunday, February 28, the Government announced that six cases of the Brazilian mutation had been identified in the UK.

Two of the cases were in South Gloucestershire in England and three in Scotland.

But a sixth individual in England, one of more than a million people tested on February 12-13, has yet to be identified.

Speaking during a press conference, Hancock asked for anyone who took a Covid test on February 12 or 13 and hadn’t had their results back to get in touch with the NHS.

He said: "One of the six completed a test but did not successfully complete contact details. We’re therefore asking anyone who took a test on February 12 or 13, but hasn’t received the result back, to please get in touch."

One of the cases in the household in South Gloucestershire had flown from Brazil via Zurich to London, arriving on Feb. 10.

All three Scottish cases were identified as people who had flown from Brazil to Aberdeen via Paris and London and had self-isolated for the required 10 days.

During the conference, Hancock also praised the UK's vaccination rollout.

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