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Ex-addict mum’s transformation after 19 overdoses and 6 years on streets

A mum hooked on crack and heroin at just 15-years-old overdosed 19 times before turning her life around.

Madison McManus, 28, from New Jersey, US, is battling to win back custody of her nine-year-old daughter who she was forced to give up due to her horrendous addiction.

It was Madison's boyfriend at the time who put her onto hard drugs as a teenager which saw her life spiral into six years of homelessness and crime.

The mum-of-one told that Alcoholics Anonymous has helped get her life back together and wants others to know that there is a "solution to this disease".

She said: "I was in my first rehab at the age of 15, dragging my family through my addiction and hurting them and others left and right.

"Until the age of 18, I would go to programs and get out and pick up again. My disease had me. When I was 18, I had nine months sober while I was pregnant with my daughter, who is now nine. Until now, that was my longest time not using.’

"I dropped out of school, I signed away temporary custody of my daughter, I just couldn’t stop using. I had no family in my life at this point, no friends, no soul, I was alone.

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"I pushed everyone and everything away, and it began a six-year run homeless in a rough and dark city. The things that I dealt with and accepted in my active addiction could write a book.

"The disease had me in its grips for six years, holding me captive. I held so much shame and regret for losing my daughter, losing my family, and losing myself."

When Madison hit rock bottom July 18, 2018, it was enough to shake her out of the rut she had been in and kickstart her road to recovery.

Sharing her story on the Facebook page The Addict's Diary, she claims that "drug court saved my life" as she made the decision in jail that she was "done using drugs" and chose to go to rehabilitation.

The 28-year-old explained: "I had no idea at this point how, I just knew I didn’t want to use anymore. I went to a 30-day program in south Jersey, then wanted to continue treatment and went to a halfway house for four months.

"The real work came when I got my own apartment in South Jersey after all of my programs. I found Alcoholics Anonymous, and that’s when the real growth started, and now I know never stops."

With the backing of her family and friends, Madison is now set on winning back her daughter.

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