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Incredible moment stray dog runs in front of car so old woman can cross the road

This is the heartwarming moment a hero dog stopped a car for a grandmother to cross the road.

The loyal stray pooch blocked a vehicle which immediately stopped before an elderly woman was seen walking slowly with a cane in Saraburi province, Thailand on February 6.

The stray animal then ran back to the roadside when the old woman had finished crossing.

In the video, recorded by a dashcam, the driver approaches a white car that appears to have stopped in the middle of the road for no reason.

As the driver pulls alongside the white car a small yellow dog comes into view and it is clearly blocking the car from moving.

The dog paces back and forth, but won't leave the spot.

A few yards ahead, a frail-looking woman is crossing the road and seems to be hurrying across the multiple lanes of traffic as fast as her legs will carry her.

Just as she reaches the other side, the mongrel looks in her direction and then wags its tail and returns to the relative safety of the central reservation.

This leaves the white car to continue on its way.

Driver Nirut Muangwong shared the footage on social media and commented: "At first, I was curious why the white car stopped then I saw the dog trying to protect the old woman. How sweet."

His post struck a chord with dog lovers and it quickly went viral.

It’s estimated there will be 2 million stray cats and dogs in the country by 2027, according to

Although it’s against the law to euthanise stray animals, Thailand has started a program to sterilise as many as possible.

This comes after heartbreaking footage showed a loyal dog resting on his brother's grave after he killed in a road accident in Singapore.

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