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BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns more snow on the way before milder conditions hit

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of ‘cold front’ moving in

BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood warned that Scotland and Ireland could see snow overnight but large parts of the UK will see much milder conditions. Heavy rain in parts, Britons can also expect to see wind gusts of up to 70mph. Ms Kirkwood said: “It’s going to be windy, we’ve got rain at times. At the moment we’ve got a band of rain which is quite heavy in places moving from the west towards the east of the UK.

“The rain we currently have will eventually push into the North Sea but behind it we’re looking at a lot of sunshine.

“But windy out towards the west with gusts and exposure of up to 70mph.

“Temperature-wise today we’re looking at 7C in the North and about 12C in the South so generally speaking we are above average for the time of year.

“This evening and overnight rain will move steadily northwards, it could deposit some snow on the hills of Northern Ireland and through the mountains of Scotland.

“Then we’ve got a new weather front coming in from the west and that is going to be pushing eastwards.

“It’s going to be a windy night but it’s not going to be a cold one and we’re not anticipating any issues with frost.

Parts of the UK could see above-average seasonal temperatures of up to 15C (59F), days after the country endured freezing conditions, snow and record lows.

The highest temperatures are expected in the South East but other parts of the UK could be much warmer than the average maximum for the UK in February, which is 6.64C (43.9F), according to the Met Office.

BBC Weather: Europe set for cold temperatures and showers

Some of the biggest swings could be in Norwich, where temperatures could rise to around 13C having dropped below freezing last week.

Oli Claydon, Met Office spokesman, said: “In terms of the big temperature swings, you are probably looking at areas predominantly on the east coast where we saw lying snow last week and the temperatures were kept very low.

“It depends a little bit on what happens if that air does get drawn up from the South and also timings of the clouds, if they clear at the right time and you get a little bit of sunshine through to help those temperatures out a little bit.”


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Such changes in temperature are common at this time of year.

Mr Claydon said: “Obviously, we are an island nation on the outskirts of the continent of Europe, so we are subject to very variable weather conditions and those changes can happen quite quickly.”

According to the Met Office long-range weather forecast, mild weather conditions should remain for the rest of the month, with snow possible next month.

Mr Claydon said: “The whole of the UK is now in a mild air mass which has brought quite a significant change in temperatures and also in terms of weather hazards, so the focus moves to wind and rain.”

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