Nicola Sturgeon told resign! Petition to oust SNP leader surges – ‘Disgrace to Scotland!’

Nicola Sturgeon: Insider discusses possibility of resignation

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The petition, launched on change.org last September by arch-rival George Galloway, demands a vote of no confidence be called in Ms Sturgeon and her ruling SNP Government in Holyrood. All for Unity, the political party headed up by Mr Galloway which was registered with the Electoral Commission last week revealed the milestone and said it would be presenting the petition to the Scottish Parliament “very soon”. The party tweeted: “50,000 and counting!

“Over 50,000 of you have signed our #ResignSturgeon petition.

“We’ll be presenting it to the Scottish Parliament very soon!”

“AND most importantly, vote @Alliance4Unity this May to #SaveourScotland.”

Several people have launched scathing attacks against Ms Sturgeon on the petition page, and in particular, her continued campaign for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

One person wrote on the petition page: “I am sick to death of hearing about her fight for another referendum.

“Does she not understand that we voted and the answer was no to independence?

“Democracy – does she not understand that word?”

A second person commented: “Lost the last little bit of confidence I had in her.

“Her leadership has been nothing but shambolic and divisive.”

Another person added: “Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are a disgrace to Scotland and should go.”

Launching the campaign on change.org last September, Mr Galloway wrote: “As #ResignSturgeon trends across social media, it has become clear that Nicola Sturgeon and her government are utterly incapable of working for the best interests of the Scottish people and Scotland.

“In the interest of all Scots, it’s time for Nicola Sturgeon to do the right thing – resign, and allow a cross-party government of unity take over to see Scotland through this dark time – created after 13 years of SNP misrule.

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“If you agree, then please sign this petition which we will deliver to Holyrood. Scotland deserves better than this haphazard, reckless and foolish SNP administration, which has literally failed lives in their pursuit of the Neverendum and Scottish separatism.

“We, the people of Scotland say enough is enough. We call upon Nicola Sturgeon to resign.”

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Galloway once again called on Ms Sturgeon to resign as Scotland’s First Minister, warning her “days are numbered”.

He said bitter infighting has led to the party tearing itself apart and reducing it to being in tatters”.

The All For Unity leader told this website: “The SNP are the real opposition to themselves and are literally falling apart. They are in tatters.

“They have been in power for far too long – no party should be in power for 14 years and asking for another four years because that never works out.

“They are tearing themselves to pieces, and each day brings a new development.

“Jim Sillars, the former deputy leader of the SNP and a highly respected figure, called for a revolt from within the SNP to overthrow the current leadership.

“He said if that doesn’t happen, then he can’t vote for the SNP.”

The veteran MP added: “The end is near for Nicola Sturgeon.

“The party is in open revolt and big names are calling on her to be removed.

“You can be sure that her days are numbered.”

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