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UK weather: Britain faces -16C Arctic blast and 96mph winds this weekend – new charts

UK weather: Met Office forecasts snow and cold temperatures

The UK has been hit by severe winter weather this week, with heavy snow falling across the country and temperatures falling to lows of -22.9C in the Scottish Highlands last night – which forecasters believe was the coldest night recorded since 1995. New weather charts show the freezing temperatures are set to continue into the weekend, as strong winds are expected to keep battering the UK and drive down the mercury.

The forecast for the next few days continues to include cold temperatures, icy winds and snow showers.

On Thursday, lows of -11C are forecast in Scotland, while temperatures will range from -1C to -8C across the rest of the UK.

The chilly temperatures will continue through Friday, with an average of -4C forecast across the whole of the UK at 12pm, according to Netweather charts.

Strong winds will make it feel even colder outside, with maps by WXCharts showing at 9am on Saturday parts of Scotland and northern England can expect it to feel -16C.

Parts of the Midlands and Wales are also forecast for the wind chill to drive temperatures down to -12C.

Separate weather maps by WXCharts demonstrate the wind gust strength.

The UK turns from being largely green and yellow, indicating wind speeds of between 18-31mph (30-50kmh), on Friday evening to dark red and purple as wind speeds dramatically pick up speed.

At 3pm on Sunday February 14, the map forecasts max wind speeds of 96mph (154kmh), with the chart showing a terrifying mass hurtling towards the west of Britain.

But by Monday evening, wind speeds are expected to calm down, allowing the mercury to rise.

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A chart valid for 3pm on Monday shows no minus temperatures, with parts of the West Country expecting highs of 11C.

Northern parts will remain colder, but the mercury is expected to stay above 1C.

Snow showers are expected in parts of Scotland and northern England on Friday, with no further snow forecast for the south east.

Northern Ireland and parts of the west have a high chance of snow on Saturday evening, according to Netweather’s snow risk charts.

Further snow is forecast in Scotland and northern England on Sunday and Monday.

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Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Dan Suri, said: “Weather for the rest of this week will continue to be very cold with daytime temperatures only reaching a degree or so above freezing at best for many and strong easterly winds continuing to make it feel even colder.

“Overnight temperatures have been notable with -17.1C recorded in the Highlands of Scotland, on Tuesday night.”

The forecaster’s weekend outlook states: “Rain and snow for some western areas Saturday, heaviest for Northern Ireland.

“Further rain and snow spreads east Sunday, with milder weather slowly following for the start of next week.”

BBC forecasters said: “Saturday will be cold, windy and cloudy with outbreaks of snow developing over some western and north-western areas.

“Turning less cold on Sunday with snow giving way to rain in the west and north-west, but staying drier in the south-east.

“Monday will be windy for all with further showery outbreaks of rain, heavy at times, along with cloudy skies. Turning a little milder.”

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