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Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Ready to Drink

Vietnamese coffee, enriched with sweetened condensed milk, is a satisfying refresher and pick-me-up. Typically it requires brewing at home, but now it’s available in bottles, as a cold brew to drink as is. In addition to the classic version, called Good Morning Saigon, Omni Bev Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee sells a version using coconut milk instead of condensed milk (a tad too coconutty for me). Another quite-pleasing flavor is made with coffee, coconut milk and matcha. The San Jose, Calif., company was founded by Tammy Huynh, who is from Vietnam, and all the coffee beans are cultivated in Vietnam on her family’s farm.

Omni Bev Vietnamese Cold Brew, $23.94 for six 10-ounce bottles, $47.88 for 12, $26.99 for six in a variety pack,

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