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Angry Dunedin man pelts mother with hot pie

A Dunedin man threw a pie at his mother, causing molten mince to burn her face, a court has heard.

Nicholas Cross, 25, was angry the victim had not prepared dinner for him so he took the hot food from the oven and pelted her with it.

“She had mince all over her face and in her hair,” the Dunedin District Court heard yesterday.

The pie attack was the start of a violent and protracted episode at the family home, which led to Cross pleading guilty to assault in a family relationship, threatening behaviour and resisting police.

The court heard Cross’ mother had burns to the right side of her face and ear after her son’s November 14 pie attack.

When the defendant’s teenage sister heard the commotion, she confronted her brother.

Cross raised his right fist as he yelled abuse at his sibling, prompting her to flee to her bedroom.

“She was scared, in tears and shaking as a result of the offending,” a police summary said.

Cross was still agitated when police arrived.

He refused to be handcuffed and had to be physically restrained as he flailed his arms.

He aimed a punch at an officer, who dodged the blow.

Cross was pepper-sprayed before being hauled away.

Judge Josephine Bouchier sentenced him to 110 hours community work and nine months supervision.

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