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Melania Trump ‘snubs’ husband to ‘distract the world’ claims former top aide

Melania Trump stops smiling at inauguration in 2017

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, formerly a senior adviser to Mrs Trump, claimed the couple’s relationship is much closer than many believe.

A number of incidents have been recorded of Mrs Trump which have been perceived as snubs of the former US President – by rejecting his efforts to hold her hand in public.

In August 2020, a video went viral of the then first lady moving her hand away from Mr Trump after he reached towards her.

The incident caused a sensation on social media with one user commenting “Welcome to the resistance” to Mrs Trump.

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However, according to Ms Wolkoff the couple still enjoy a close relationship.

Appearing on the Hollywood Life podcast she said: “I believe their way of showing affection towards one another is her telling him how wonderful and great he is.

“She was always his first phone call [after a rally], always, no matter where she was.

“And the first thing he’d say was: ‘Hey Baby, how’d I do?’. Like he wants her approval.

“She tells him how it is, but she also makes sure to elevate him and embrace what he’s doing, because that is who she is

“And I didn’t realize that, but when you see their eye contact and the seduction through that gaze, it’s more about that than I think anything else.”

Ms Wolkoff wrote ‘Melania and Me’, a book about her time working for Mrs Trump, which was published in September 2020.

Mr and Mrs Trump are currently living at Mar-a-Lago, a luxury resort the former president owns in Florida.

Mr Trump continues to maintain, without providing solid evidence, that the November 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from him via electoral fraud.

However, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the new president of the United States on January 20.

Earlier that month five people died when Congress was stormed by a large mob of Mr Trump’s supporters protesting what they claimed was a rigged election.

Accusations of widespread fraud have been dismissed by numerous US courts and independent election observers.


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