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Horror moment man chucks cat out of window as RSPCA blast ‘concerning’ footage

A man has been filmed hurling a cat out of a skylight window at the top floor of a house.

The incident happened at Beverly Road, in Hull, and was reported to the RSPCA, who launched an investigation of an suspected animal abuse.

Distressing footage shared widely on social media shows a black and white cat sitting on a blanket in a room as a man repeatedly strokes it.

Shortly after, a man in a blue hoodie jacket approaches and picks up the feline. He throws the cat out of a skylight window without hesitation and quickly locks the window.

A spokeswoman for RSPCA said they have received reports of the incident.

She told Hull Live: “We are aware of this extremely concerning video and are looking into it.

“If anyone has any information about this please contact our cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.”

Concerned locals called the actions in the video "horrendous and disturbing".

"What's funny about an innocent animal getting thrown out of a window? It's disgusting, it's animal abuse," one said.

"It might be someone's family cat. I'm sickened by the thought."

However, responding to the comments, one man who said he was present at the time said: "Everyone seems to think the cat's been thrown out to the ground, it got put back on the roof.

"It's been on and off for two weeks, it's obviously a stray – went to put it back out and panicked about it having fleas and God knows what else.

"The cat came back to the window two hours later trying to get in."

Anyone with any information can contact the RSPCA on their cruelty line above, quoting the reference number 00495124.

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