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Notorious hairdresser fined £17,000 in 2020 threatens to re-open salon next week

A salon owner who repeatedly opened her business during the November lockdown has suggested she might break the rules again and take part in a rebellion known as #TheGreatOpening.

Sinead Quinn racked up tied penalty notices totalling £17,000 in 2020 for defying lockdown rules by reopening Quinn Blakey Hairdressing.

Kirklees Council last month said it was putting a case together to summon Quinn to court to pay the fines, which could result in an unlimited penalty.

Despite this, Sinead appears to be planning to flout restrictions once more and open her Oakenshaw based salon on January 30.

In a post on the salon’s Instagram page, a user asked if the salon would be opening next Saturday.

The account then responds and said it will be "opening regardless of lockdown" and urged people to "stand up" to the government.

In a separate post, the salon posted: "In February you can bet your life savings that Covid-21 will be here and so will your lockdown."

"I’d like you to sit back and watch it all play out but we’re running out of time….

"Stand up for your freedoms. 30th January. Get up and open your businesses, go out and support those businesses.


It is not clear who is organising The Great Opening, nor how many businesses will take part, but Twitter accounts have popped up in support for the idea.

People have also urged business owners to "join the revolution," and take a stance against lockdown, which is due to be reassessed by the Government and Boris Johnson in mid-February.

Quinn's named appeared in headlines last year after she quoted the Magna Carta in her defence against Covid penalty fees.

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She placed a sign in the salon door window which cited Magna Carta, a royal charter of rights from the year 1215, as justification for remaining open.

It also said the shop is "under the jurisdiction of common law."

The owner also posted several videos on Instagram of her arguing with council officials who made several visits to her salon.

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