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NHS worker who loved butter loses 7 stone after patient asked ‘when it’s due’

An NHS worker who was asked if she was “expecting” when wearing her scrubs has lost seven stone.

Hannah Stewart, 42, was mortified when a patient noticed her tummy bulging out of her XXL, size 24 outfit.

She had piled on pounds eating convenience food while balancing her job with being a mum of two.

And Hannah hit 21st as she gorged on cereal, crisps, biscuits and butter.

But three years later, after overhauling her diet, Hannah is now 13st 9lb and slips into a slender size 12.

The senior clinical photographer said: “My patients used to ask me if I was pregnant and when the baby was due.

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“I used to laugh it off, but deep down I was mortified. I’d say, ‘No, I’m just fat’ but it made me feel awful.

“I had to wear scrubs a lot at work and I always had to get an XXL size.

“When I got really big, my rolls were spilling out of the largest size. It made me cry.

“Inside it was crushing, and mentally it would really upset me”

Hannah wanted to get fitter for her daughters Evie, 12 and Lottie, eight, so in May 2017 she joined Slimming World to shift the weight.

Hannah, who works at the University Hospital in Birmingham, said: “I didn’t realise how big I was getting, but before I knew it was 21 stone and in denial.

“I had chest infections that exacerbated my asthma, and sleep apnoea because of my weight, so I wasn’t sleeping.

“I hurt everywhere and I just thought, ‘Enough is enough. I need to be healthy for my children’.”

Hannah loved her new diet and began Pilates and walking. The weight soon dropped off.

She added: “I used to struggle to even walk to the front of the hospital from my car. I feel great now.

“Now I can slip into size medium scrubs – and thankfully no patients or colleagues are mistaking me as
pregnant anymore.”

What Hannah was eating before

BREAKFAST: Big bowl of sugary cereal.

SNACKS: Biscuits and milky tea.

LUNCH: Large sandwich with full fat butter.

SNACK: Grab bag of crisps.

DINNER: Pasta and jarred sauce, big portion.

SNACKS: Large bars of chocolate and crisps.

What Hannah is eating now

BREAKFAST: Fruit and yoghurt.

LUNCH: Leftovers from dinner the evening before, a small portion.

DINNER: Veg, and couscous or potato.

SNACKS: Small piece
of chocolate.

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