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Dog chained to lamppost finally knows what it’s like to be loved

An abandoned dog found chained to a lamppost on a freezing night has found a new loving home after two years.

Wilson needed a long time to learn how to be loved and have fun at Birmingham Dogs Home following his traumatic experience on the street.

A passerby in 2018 spotted the black Labrador cross tied up and in a terrified state – shivering due to the chilling wintry temperatures.

Animal rescue charity Birmingham Dogs Home took Wilson in from the cold and found him a forever home with Bhawana, 727 days later.

Despite adopting Wilson just before Christmas, Bhawana now "couldn't imagine her life without him" and claimed it was "love at first sight" when they locked eyes on each other at the centre.

She said: "Wilson has been home with me for a month now and I can’t believe the change in him. He has settled in great, napping on the sofa and trying to push his luck by trying to get on the bed.

"His personality has really started to come through, he’s started playing with toys and sleeps with his fox teddy.

"We’re still both learning and adjusting but I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I still need to start introducing him to new people but we’re just taking our time, so he’s not overwhelmed.

"Wilson only started barking last week and it’s so nice to see he’s finally coming out of his shell. He will come up to me to ask for a fuss and kisses if he feels like I’ve been at my desk for too long and not paid him enough attention and I love it.

"Everyday I’m learning something new about him and I’m so happy he’s accepted me and his new forever home."

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