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Cat caught on camera stealing things from neighbours and gifting them to owner

A cat has left her owner in stitches by bringing home odd things she has grabbed from neighbours.

Monica Vicens said her cat China would go out early in the morning to search for goodies and bring them back home as if to "provide for the family".

She revealed the moggie – one of three abandoned cats she has fostered – has turned into a sassy scavenge hunter since she moved to a house with a bigger garden.

In videos Monica posted on TikTok, the white and brown moggie is seen bringing home letters, scissors, lighters, and sometimes bigger objects like a watering bulb.

She drops them off by the gate and makes a "victory cry".

China has also been collecting cornhole bean bags and recycled products like water bottles.

In an interview to The Dodo, Monica said: "It got to the point that we had to keep all the doors and windows closed making sure she wasn't able to get out because she always snuck in with some live creature in her mouth.

"She would get up every morning as if it was her job to go out there and provide for the family."

Monica said one time she caught China bringing her roommate's socks to her door.

The moggie has a routine when it comes to "burglarising" the neighbours, the owner added.

She explained: "She'll quickly run to her favourite patch of dirt to roll around in it then she’s off to burglarise the streets.

"She'll come back with something, drop it at my door, sit and yell for me."

Viewers were impressed by the cat's treasure hunt. One said: "I need a cat who brings me lighters."

Another wrote: "I would not mind this at all! At least this cat brings mostly useful items."

"Is your cat trying to build something?" a third asked.

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