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Prince Charles had to address ‘boiled egg rumour’ in his website’s FAQ

Many are intrigued about the life of the Royal family – from what they wear to what they eat and drink.

Some of the royals reportedly have very bizarre eating and drinking habits, and while there is truth to some of them – others have fooled thousands.

Sometimes the Royal family may let these rumours slide, but other times they feel like they need to be corrected.

Prince Charles even had to add a FAQ on his website to deal with one of the rumours.

Here are three myths about the Royal family's eating and drinking habits that are completely false.

Kate Middleton loves almond milk

There are many bizarre rumours about the Royals’ eating and drinking habits.

For example, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall once told school kids in Slough she has a healthy alternative for crisps – raw peas.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton, who is also known for her healthy food alternatives, is believed to drink almond milk instead of traditional milk.

But she shut this rumour down herself at an afternoon tea event at a charity event where she was served almond milk because that is what they thought she liked.

She said: “Don’t believe everything you read. I don’t even like almond milk.”

Prince Charles requires seven hard-boiled eggs for breakfast

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There are many rumours about how particular Prince Charles is about certain things, for example his weird bath-time routine.

But one rumour, first published by Jeremy Paxman in the book On Royalty in 2006, has been proved wrong.

In the book, Paxman said Prince Charles has seven hard-boiled eggs each morning – but only eats one.

This is so he can choose precisely which one is cooked to his liking.

But in 2012, the Prince of Wales website’s FAQ answered the question: “No, he doesn’t and never has done, at breakfast or any other time.”

The Queen has four alcoholic drinks a day

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Queen Elizabeth II ’s former personal chef Darren McGrady was misquoted in 2017, saying Her Majesty drinks four cocktails each day.

After several publications picked the story up, McGrady reached out to explain he had merely been listing the Queen’s favourite drinks.

He told Reader’s Digest: “I’m pretty confident she doesn’t have four drinks a day. She’d be pickled.”

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