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Meghan Markle and Harry’s social media axe ‘more to do with money’ claims expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are quitting social media to "safeguard their content" after signing a £100million deal with Netflix and Spotfiy, a royal expert had claimed.

It is claimed the pair are not turning their backs on social media to make a principled stand, but rather to protect their own interests.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not use social networks to promote their Archewell Foundation, while they will not return to the Sussex Royal Instagram and Twitter accounts.

It is also believed to be unlikely that Meghan, 39, will resume posting online in a personal capacity, even though she was an avid Instagram user in her actress days before meeting Harry, 36.

Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers told Lorraine Kelly he believes the choice is more "to do with money" than taking a stand against social media companies.

He said the pair have signed "big money deals" and won't want to give away their content "for free".

The huge deals signed last year with streaming services Netflix and Spotify are part of the couple's ambition to be financially independent from the royal family.

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Russell said: "The big new charity launch will not have a social media presence and they aren't going to have a personal one.

"Now I think this is probably to do with their big deals with Netflix and Spotify.

"They have signed big money deals with those corporate giants and obviously they want to safeguard their content. They don't want to give it away for free.

"But they have had a record breaking Instagram page, and they want to produce video and audio content – so I imagine its to do with the money.

"They have spoken about the ills of social media and how they feel it is toxic, but reading between the lines, I think we will see a lot of them on Netflix and Spotify."

It is just over a year since Harry and Meghan announced their intention to quit as senior royals.

As well as setting up the Archewell foundation, the couple signed multi-million pound deals with media companies to produce TV shows and podcasts.

A representative for Harry and Meghan has been contacted for comment.

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