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Mum stabs newborn son to death with scissors before throwing body in bin

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A mum stabbed her newborn son to death with scissors before throwing his body into a bin.

Anastasia Skorychenko, 30, went into labour at her home after keeping her pregnancy secret, a court in Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine, heard last week.

Her other two daughters, aged seven and four, and her grandmother were sleeping at the time.

Skorychenko went to the balcony and used nail scissors to cut the umbilical cord, the Zavodskoy District Court heard.

She then began stabbing the newborn with the scissors, according to court records.

Skorychenko put the body in a plastic bag and carried it outside before throwing it into a rubbish container, according to investigators.

The following morning, the child’s body was spotted by a female resident who then alerted police.

Skorychenko confessed to the crime during the sentencing hearing, saying “the baby was unwanted” and “she could not afford it”, according to reports.

A prosecutor said: “The mother inflicted 22 stab and cut wounds in the neck, chest, abdomen and limbs of the baby.

“The injuries of varying degrees of severity were inflicted shortly before the child's death.”

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Skorychenko had not been suffering from postpartum depression or any mental disorders prior to the crime.

On January 5, she was charged with premeditated murder of her child and later sentenced to two years in prison.

Judges took into account the fact that she pleaded guilty and were lenient in their sentencing, according to local media.

Forensic examinations confirmed she had given birth to a healthy boy, who died from the injuries she inflicted.

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