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Couple suicidal after horse poo and dead rats constantly dumped on front steps

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A distressed couple say they have been left fretting and suicidal following a constant plague of gruesome harassment.

Jonny and Tyler Walker, who live in Merthyr, say that an unnamed assailant has been dumping horse poo and wee-covered straw outside their home for months.

They even had dead rats left out to rot on their front steps, and abusive messages sent to family members.

26-year-old nurse Tyler has considered suicide, Wales Online reported, as the harassment has taken a huge mental toll.

"We moved here a year ago, although the house has been in my family for about a century," said Jonny, a 30-year-old farmer.

"And, for a few weeks, it was great, until all this started happening.

"Suddenly, we'd come out to find all this stinking straw piled up at the front of the house, so we had a word with the person responsible and it stopped – for a while."

But then more waste ended up being dumped against their road level kitchen window, causing foul-smelling slurry to seep down the lane and through their gate.

"They also like to tip the stuff next to where we park our cars at night, so much so we can hardly get into our vehicles the following morning.

"The smell is atrocious too, as you can imagine from all that ammonia, We've got a two-year-old son and I don't want him getting ill as a result of all this.

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"Plus, in addition to the dead rats which turn up, it's attracting a load of live ones too.”

According to reports, no criminal damage has actually been done and police have therefore deemed it a civil matter. Frustratingly for Jonny, he said that the land is also unregistered so it does not fall under a council jurisdiction.

"On top of everything else that's happened this year, it's a lot to cope with, " said Jonny. "In fact, the mental strain has been huge.

"Tyler's had to take weeks off work as a result and has even contemplated ending things a few times – that's how bad it's been.

"And I've lost four stone through all the worry.

"It just seems like no one wants to listen or help us."

A statement from South Wales police said that they were aware of an ongoing dispute between two parties, having received phone calls from both sides regarding the matter.

"Local officers are in the process of working with them to resolve the situation," it added.

"They have also notified the local authority about environmental concerns which have been raised."

For emotional support, you can call the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123, email [email protected], visit a Samaritans branch in person or go to the Samaritans website.

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