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Thousands parade in North Korea as they prepare to perform for Kim Jong-un

Thousands of people in North Korea gathered in the country’s capital of Pyongyang to prepare for a performance for Kim Jong-un.

Citizens of the dictator-led country met ahead of an event dedicated to the Workers Party, 38 North has said.

One parade is expected to take place around the Eighth Party Congress in January, with training observed at Mirim Parade Training Ground.

People stood closely together and formed into letters designed to spell out political messages above.

The U.S. website claims "kyeolsaongwi" in Korean was spelled out, which means to "defend with one's life."

According to 38 North a temporary structure has also been erected, but it is unclear what it is being used for.

It said: "A temporary unidentified structure, previously noted on the western side of the square, remains in place surrounded by a high barrier. Its purpose is still unknown, but rehearsals are taking place around it."

The country is preparing to perform ahead of a rare party congress in January at which it plans to unveil economic development plans, it has been reported.

Kim Jong-un is also expected to announce its new policy line on the United States and South Korea amid stalled denuclearisation talks.

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It comes as a recent satellite photograph of North Korea’s primary nuclear facility appears to show a mysterious smoke billowing out of one of the plant’s buildings.

The plant had been under repair but on October 27, 2020, satellite photos appeared to show "vapours or smoke coming from the top of a building," think tank 38 North has claimed.

Photos taken by Maxar Technologies satellites have led analysts to believe the building is a furnace used to produce uranium dioxide.

Uranium dioxide is a material that "can be used for power plant fuel or further enriched for use in nuclear weapons or to simply create more efficient fuel."

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