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Prince Charles and Camilla turn off comments on Christmas post after backlash

Clarence House has turned off comments after posting a picture of Prince Charles and Camilla on Christmas Day, which received backlash.

A picture showing the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall was posted to social media accounts, it said: "Wishing you all a happy Christmas and here’s to a better New Year!"

However, the option for comments was removed after recent hate received online.

Hate-comments toward the Prince and Camilla have been fuelled by the recent season of The Crow n, which claimed to depict the couple's relationship while Charles was married to Princess Diana.

The show was criticised for being “over the top on dramatic licence” by Dickie Arbiter, the Queen's former communications secretary for a decade.

The Duke of Cambridge has reportedly told pals he was greatly displeased with the depiction of his family, believing that "his parents are being exploited and presented in a false, simplistic way to make money".

However, this has not stopped some viewers responding angrily to Charles and Camilla, as it seems the couple began seeing an increased number of hate comments in mid-November, shortly after the fourth season of Netflix's hit show was aired.

Charles and Camilla have wished a Merry Christmas to their fans via social media, reaching out to their fans via social media to wish them happy holidays.

The royal couple shared a brief message and a picture on their Clarence House Twitter account.

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In the picture, Charles and Camilla are dressed in casual clothes and raise walking sticks towards the camera.

In her other hand, the Duchess holds a hat, while Prince Charles has a pair of binoculars hanging from his neck.

The snap was taken earlier this year by a member of the royals' staff at Birkhall, their home in Scotland.

The cheerful image and message shared by Charles and Camilla clash with the abuse and criticism the royals continue to receive through social media.

On November 24, Clarence House limited the possibility to reply to its tweets only to accounts it follows or mentions.

The palace did not comment on the reason behind this move.

Many Twitter users criticising the couple have tended to either explicitly mention The Crown or refer to events it portrays.

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One commenter, sharing the couple's festive picture, wrote: "They disabled replies. He knew we would flood them with Diana."

Another, referring to Charles and Camilla by the nicknames they reportedly used to call one another between the 1970s and 1980s – as portrayed in The Crown – said: "I see #FredandGladys took off the comments again".

A third, commenting on the Christmas card Clarence House released last week, said: "I hated Prince Charles and Camilla before season four of The Crown and the recent podcasts I’ve indulged in, but now I loathe them. I just saw their Christmas card and I am irrationally angry."

The latest 10 episodes of the popular Netflix show focus on the relationship between Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Camilla in the 1980s.

There are fears that the lavish production could mislead people into thinking the dialogue and events were fact, rather than an example of scriptwriters using artistic license.

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