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Shocking video captures aftermath of powerful explosion that rocked city centre

Shocking video capturing the aftermath of an explosion in Nashville has emerged on social media.

The blast happened in the downtown area of Nashville city in Tennessee, the US, around 6.40am local time morning.

In the video live streamed on Facebook shows residents screaming in terror as they walk out of their buildings near the Second and Broadway near Commerce Street.

Heavy black smoke is seen rising above the affected area from a burning vehicle parked on the street.

The explosion appeared to have rattled some of the buildings, leaving glasses and steel everywhere on the ground.

One man can be heard yelling: "Help my dad!"

The entire street is filled with debris as police officers and fire crews rushed to the scene.

A viewer commented: "Our house shook here in Nashville.

"Following the info on socials and the news but just praying nobody was hurt."

Another said: "We are staying a block and half away and it woke us up. Shook the entire building."

A parked RV is believed to have caused the explosion, according to Metro Nashville Office of Emergency Management's district chief.

Fire crews arrived the scene to put out the flames and rescue any injured residents.

Around 20 to 30 people have been evacuated, and there are believed to be five casualties.

A police spokesman says investigators believe the explosion was an "intentional act" and the victims suffered no significant injuries.

Nashville Fire Department confirmed in a statement: "There is an incident involving an explosion. This is an active scene.

"Metro Nashville Police Department and Nashville Fire Department are on the scene."

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