Brexit deal announcement live stream – How to watch Michel Barnier & Boris Johnson today

Brexit: Details of deal set to be announced on Christmas Eve

Britain has secured a Brexit deal with the European Union, sources have confirmed this afternoon. The deal comes after both the UK and Brussels teams held late-night talks on Wednesday. 

But after several tense hours of negotiations, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and chief negotiator Michel Barnier are expected to hold a press conference shortly.

The EU announcement has raised expectations that a deal has been agreed. Boris Johnson, too, is expected to make an announcement.

Chris Mason, BBC’s Political Correspondent, said: “How fitting that this final chapter should meander on for so long. Santa is airborne and sprouts are being peeled.

“But finally – after four and a half years – a deal is done and news conferences to announce it are about to happen.

“Yes, really – no more delays. We’ve waited for hours, weeks, months, years – now, finally, the shape of our relationship with our nearest neighbours is about to be set out.”

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Brexit deal announcement live stream – How to watch

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier, on the outcome of the EU-UK negotiations.

You can watch the outcome of these talks at the EU press conference here.

Boris Johnson is also expected to make an announcement at NO 10 this afternoon. More details are expected to follow on this statement.

All eyes are now on Downing Street as we await the imminent announcement.


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